Don Bosco Senior Secondary School-Nerul,Navi Mumbai

Our History

Brief Historical Note of the House:

In April 2000, the Bombay Salesian Society signed an agreement with CIDCO, for a plot of land admeasuring 10,017 sq. meters, for a proposed Composite School in English and Marathi, at the upcoming Nerul Node of Navi Mumbai. It was only in 2005 that the Salesians took up the project in earnest and began putting up the school building at Nerul, New Bombay.

Inauguration and Early Years:

Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, embarked on its transformative journey on June 9, 2006, under the visionary leadership of its first principal, Rev Fr. Boniface D’ Souza. The school’s commitment to holistic education and character development set the stage for its remarkable growth.

The blessing of the new school building on August 15, 2006, marked a significant milestone, symbolizing the growth of the institution. With an initial intake of 250 students and a dedicated faculty of 20 teachers, the school began its mission of imparting knowledge and values.

Founding Values and Notable Events:

The school embraced the motto “VIDYA KA PAUDHA HARA SARVADA,” signifying the planting of the sapling of knowledge. Headmistress Mrs. Sylvia Coutinho and Administrator Rev Fr. Joseph Soares provided steadfast leadership, fostering an environment of academic excellence and character formation.

Under the guidance of Rev Fr. Cletus, the Teacher Effective Program was introduced, further enhancing the teaching-learning process. The introduction of the House System, consisting of Swifts, Owls, Eagles, and Hawks, promoted healthy competition, camaraderie, and leadership among students.

Growth and Recognition:

The school welcomed its first provincial visit, Rev Fr. Michael Fernandez, in 2008, marking a recognition of its commitment to quality education. The appointment of the new school Principal, Rev Fr. Anthony Fonseca, in 2009, heralded a new phase of growth and innovation.

The Annual Science Exhibition on August 31, 2009, showcased the students’ prowess in the field of science. The first CBSE inspection on April 10, 2010, affirmed the school’s adherence to rigorous academic standards. The introduction of the Play Pan on January 6, 2009, and the Yoga Workshop for staff on June 1, 2010, underscored the school’s holistic approach to education.

Affiliation and Cultural Milestones:

The school achieved a significant milestone with CBSE affiliation on September 8, 2010. Cultural Day on September 30, 2010, and the vibrant Bosco Fiesta on April 29, 2011, celebrated the diverse talents of the student body.

The inauguration of the Junior College Building on December 21, 2011, marked an expansion of the institution’s offerings. A Peace Rally on November 29, 2012, highlighted the school’s commitment to social causes.

Innovations and Collaborations:

The school continued to innovate and collaborate. The CL Young India Challenge Quiz on October 30, 2013, showcased the students’ excellence beyond academics. Health care seminars, career guidance sessions in collaboration with Prafulta, and inter-school creative writing competitions further enriched the educational experience. Significant Milestone was the Adhyayan State Gold Award in 2014.

Decennial Celebration and Beyond:

The Grand Decennial Celebrations in 2016 marked a culmination of ten years of remarkable growth and success. The school continued its commitment to community service, exemplified by charity distributions and awareness programs.

The School Managing Committee(2022-23), comprising esteemed members from various fields, including Chairman Rev Fr. Barnabe D’Souza, Principal Mrs. Sangita Bhattacharya, Rev Fr. Akhil Abraham, Mrs. Jyotsna D’Souza, Mrs. Cleona Quadras, Mrs. Jennifer Dias, Mrs. Pooja Amod Ganachari, Mr. Paras Sakkarwal, Mr. Amarpal Singh Sharad, Mrs. Harbhajan Kaur Rebello, Fr. Jaison Vadakkethala, Mr. Sohan Lal, Mrs. Daisymma Paul, Assistant Estate Officer and Executive Engineer from CIDCO, and Mrs. Nirmala Lasrado, ensures collaborative leadership, guiding the institution towards sustained excellence.

As Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, looks ahead, it remains steadfast in upholding its legacy of academic brilliance, character development, and social responsibility, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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