Don Bosco Senior Secondary School-Nerul,Navi Mumbai

Our Mission

We, the Salesians of Don Bosco, inspired by the preferential love of Christ the Good Shepherd for the poor, and Don Bosco’s predilection for poor and disadvantaged youth, are an educating community committed to the education of the whole person in the spirit and style of Don Bosco, accompanying the young in their journey of formation towards becoming mature apostles among their peers, builders of a Christian community as women and men of Christian conscience, commitment, competency and social responsibility. Don Bosco Senior Secondary School stands for the integral development of the student – to help develop the student’s spirit, mind, and body.

Our Motto

Graphically pictured in the Logo ‘A Sapling’

is the symbol of knowledge and enlightenment.

Our motto is ‘The plant of knowledge is always green’

which means ‘The Sapling of Knowledge is evergreen’.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal, therefore is Integral Education, to which Don Bosco, Nerul is primarily committed and towards which it directs all talents, activities and energies.
Integral Education embraces:
* Inculcating moral uprightness,
* Developing physical and aesthetic talents,
* Fostering intellectual skills and competence,
* Training in occupational skills,
* Furthering cultural development and social integration.

Our Education Method

At Don Bosco Nerul, the process of education consists in involving young people, their parents or guardians together with the Management and Staff in an atmosphere of family to form an Educative Community. The educational method hinges on three basic principles:

  •  Reason
  • Faith in God
  • Loving Kindness

Based on the conviction that the heart of education is the education of the heart. Don Bosco Nerul aims at transforming our students into honest citizens, who will take their rightful place and play a responsible role in society.

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