Don Bosco Senior Secondary School-Nerul,Navi Mumbai

Our Objective

  • To provide an integrated, all – round and total development to each student in academics, co – curricular and extra – curricular activities.
  • To constantly upgrade our teaching methods, teaching aids, and other facilities to enhance learning and make school work a joyous and challenging experience.
  • To provide opportunities to develop talents and capabilities of the students through elocution, handwriting competition, Clubs, Science and cultural groups, Speech and Drama, sports facilities, excursions and picnics, field trips and participation in inter – school competitions at the Local, State and even National level.
  • To showcase the talents of our students through organizing Sports Day, School Annual Day, Management Day, Literary Day,
    Cultural Day Camp and the celebration of National Festivals.

The CBSE Curriculum of Education is value based, and the NCERT books have been planned in such a way that each lesson in any subject has a moral value and the Teacher has to bring out this value in the course of the teaching process. Through this as also through our Value Education Classes, we seek to instill moral values in them.

Our educational work is directed to developing a person who can accept life as it is and lives it well. We seek to develop a person who can face himself / herself, others and society at large with a wealth of values and meaning. He / She will possess convictions and the ability to judge and interpret events, to make choices and accept responsible commitments.

Targets to be achieved by various sectors during the year :


  • Improve the Quality of the Teachers & teaching methods.
  • Students participation in inter-school events.
  • Build good relationship with staff & parents.

Development Work:

  • Reach out to the neighbourhood through SHG groups.
  • Organise MES or short courses for neighborhood/parish.
  • Strengthen the Evening Study Class project.
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